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Levels of care




Entry-level care addresses physical symptoms, discomfort, and pain. During this phase of treatment, therapies are employed to open the body’s eliminatory pathways, encouraging high-level efficiency, restoring energy levels, and regulating systems.



Mid-level treatment is designed to improve the body-mind-spirit interface in the context of a patient’s present circumstances. This level of care works to reverse and prevent any deleterious effects of prolonged emotional, environmental, physical, or situational stress. Ultimately, patients should expect feeling greater ease when navigating relationships, as well as a strong sense of overall wellbeing.



Advanced brain attunement program to address any emotional, physical, or environmental traumas originating from birth that may have disrupted proper brain development. High-level wellness that explores the pinnacle of emotional and spiritual health while unlocking untapped creative potential. 
*requires at least 6 months of preliminary treatment, or as determined by Doctor.


Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are rigorously trained to assess patients through a detailed history, laboratory analysis, physical exam, and imaging. We then use this info to develop individualized treatment plans based on natural remedies which can include nutrition, movement, self-care exercises, botanicals, and homeopathy. 

The fundamental philosophy of Naturopathic medicine is that the body has inherent wisdom and by following the natural law, healing is obtained without need for continual intervention. The physician's role is to augment and support this healing reaction while rooting out the cause of any system imbalances that may be deteriorating the body. 



CCM practitioners pull from the rich Chinese medical canon dating back some 2,000 years. These texts explore relationships between the natural world and the human body-mind-spirit, allowing metaphor to develop when exploring disease states. Balance and harmony within this delicate ecosystem are then restored through acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and herbal medicine. 



Biotherapeutic Drainage was developed in France in the early 20th century to address the toxic burden of the times. Its pioneers found that medicines that should have been effective, would not work until the toxic load was lessened.

Imagine trying to plant a garden in a landfill. If you plant seeds in an area full of waste, they will not grow, even with the best soil and ample sunlight. It is necessary to remove trash and contaminants prior to tilling the soil, providing seeds with fertile ground to take root. Likewise, a body burdened by processing toxins is not able to accept a given medical intervention and requires constant upkeep and ultimately a state of polypharmacy.

Drainage in conjunction with periodic cleansing mobilizes and eliminates toxins, restoring physiology, and eliminating the disease state providing a fresh canvas for simple medicine to work efficiently.